Hello 👋

Based in Glasgow, MP is a website designer who helps businesses like yours have a professional website at a fair price.

And who refers to herself in the third person. 

 This is my face. Photography by the wonderful  JulieBee Photography .

This is my face. Photography by the wonderful JulieBee Photography.

About MP

Hello there! I am website designer that specialises in Squarespace. I help businesses and startups have a professional website and empower them through training on their new Squarespace site. 

Why Squarespace?

Simply because it allows myself to create a stunning website that converts and for my clients to be able to manage their site afterwards - without inducing a migraine. 

What's my experience?

I've been building websites on Squarespace for several years now and with my knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript (nerdy code stuff) have helped create solutions for businesses online. This has allowed me to become a Circle Member, a community of Squarespace designers, and a Squarespace Authorised Trainer. I've also helped review a Squarespace guide book for PackT Publishing. 


Here’s a taster

To the right, or below if you are on mobile, you'll see a delightful carousel showing my recent work. Feel free to peruse, you'll see a range of work from custom development to website/Squarespace training to the full build for clients. Or alternatively, head straight to my portfolio page here

I always aim to save my clients time 

Thanks to my experience, I have processes set up to save my clients time and have a pragmatic approach to each project. 

Getting results for clients

Whether the result being as simple as ticking something off their 20 year to do list or more business focused with leads and conversions, my approach is to empower and boost sales. 

 Me having a chuckle with a client -  Halidon Home .

Me having a chuckle with a client - Halidon Home.

Website Design

Throughout the years, I've amended my packages and honed them to adapt to changes in the market place and a niche that was missing in Scotland's website design industry. 

Website in a day 

This is an ideal and cost effective way of getting a website live quickly but also professionally. I'll work with you either in your office or at mine to ensure that the site is ready to go live at the end of the day.

Website in 3 days

This is ideal for those looking to have a basic website that still looks professional and online quickly. Past clients have come to me because they don't have the time to dedicate to learning Squarespace for themselves and want to know that the site has been set up correctly.  

Website in a Week

This is for those that are looking to have everything professionally done. It includes advanced customisation of Squarespace and a conversion strategy to help generate leads and customers. 


Squarespace Training

Squarespace is a fantastic tool for creating your own website, but if you aren't used to website design it can be a little daunting to get to grips with. As a Squarespace Authorised Trainer, I am able to teach you how to get the most from your site and always aim to boost your confidence through sharing tips & tricks. 

Bespoke Training

Looking to understand a particular aspect about Squarespace? Blogging? Ecommerce? SEO? I offer tailored 1-1 training to make sure that you know your stuff afterwards and feel comfortable moving forward. 

Group Training Sessions

I offer group training sessions on how to build a website in a day for up to 5 people/businesses in the same industry. These can be particularly useful as part of an extra service in business support or at events. 

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