Thank you for choosing me for your website design!

You are a busy person, so I’ll jump right into it. This agreement below outlines what you can expect from me and what I expect from you. You’ll need to agree to this before the workshop to go ahead. Any questions, email me at

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What you can expect from me:
1. You will receive a personalised, friendly, fun and efficient service from myself totally focused on you. You will be respected as a person and never taken for granted. 2. You’ll find myself honest, truthful and ‘up-front’ with you at all times. If I can’t answer a supplementary marketing question for you, I won’t blag it, I will point you in the direction of a specialist in my network. 3. You’ll receive a PDF guide on how to use Squarespace and a personalised video tutorial of how to use your site, recapping the training in the session within 3 working days after the day. 4. Your investment in my services will always be rewarded with exceptional quality and a purpose-driven design solution that will add significantly to your business. 5. As you refer your friends and colleagues to MP you’re assured they will also receive 'My Commitment', so you can feel good about referring. 6. You’ll receive ideas from myself, some left of field, along the way and a sincere passion to educate you in the myriad of opportunities available through online design and marketing related activities so that you can make educated and informed decisions. 7. Your feedback is critical to my continual ongoing improvements. If I make a mistake please tell me and please, too, let me know when we do well. Your ideas, comments and suggestions are always wanted by myself. I want to set the standard – but if I do make a mistake you can be assured I will learn from it and fix it quickly. 8. I'll plan to use the website as a case study and will have a link on the website to my own on the one we create. If you would prefer this not to happen, please let me know.
What I expect from you
1. You are prepared to invest time in completing the Pre-Workshop Homework Sheet by the agreed deadline. Without doing this, we will not be able to get as much done in the day and you will not leave with a website. 2. You will be honest, truthful and upfront with me at all times. If you have a problem with myself please let me know, I am here to provide your business with a profitable service and am keen to resolve any concerns quickly and efficiently. I will also display this courtesy to you. 3. You will appoint one key decision-maker if there is more than one member from your team there on the day. This will help us to keep the project to the deadlines of the day. 4. If I call and leave a message for you or send you an email, you will acknowledge this communication with me before the end of the next working day. I will also display this courtesy. Even if it is a note to say that the message is received and either one of us will get back fully later. 5. If you need to cancel or rearrange, you need to give at least 48 hours notice, otherwise there will be a cancellation fee of 20% of the cost to cover loss of meeting space. 6. Most of all, be honest about your previous website bug bears and be committed to getting everything needed done before the day and open to the process on the day.
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