What you need to know about Squarespace Analytics

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Why is this important?

This allows you to see the pages that people most access your site from. This will give you an interesting insight as to how your site is being found and the type of content that is viewed as most valuable to them. 

From looking at this, then you put a call to action at the end of the page or blog post that will provide the visitor with even more value - make sure it is in context to the page. 


Why is this important?

The more quality links you can have directed to your website, the better. Think about it as the number of people that speak kindly about your business. It is important to keep an eye on which other website links are the most influential for your business, and then to strengthen your relationship with that business or publisher. 

This is particularly useful for those that guest blog often. It will highlight which guest blog's audience is finding their information the most useful to then click through to your website. 

Activity Log

Why is this important?

Activity Log is a way of delving even further into your Squarespace analytics to see where in the world it is that people are looking at your site from. 

This is handy to check that your local SEO or global SEO strategy is working for you. 

Use an IP tracker to see where they are coming from if you would like to delve further and check the analytics. 

Mobile Usage

Why is this important?

The world of mobile is ever increasing. This will help you see how many people are coming from a mobile device and if it is increasing or decreasing you can change the structure of your design to fit this. 

For instance, is there too much text?


Most importantly

The main thing is that you are using them. A website should be there to generate enquiries, leads, sales, valuable information and you need to keep on top of how people are reacting to your site to ensure you are getting the results you want/need for your business.