Squarespace News: Cookie Banner Redesign, Facebook Sharing, Shipping Locations and Italiano!

Cookie Banner Changes

With the launch of cookie banners galore over the internet with GDPR coming into effect, Squarespace has restyled their cookie banner to look more like the rest of Squarespace. Which is fantastic as before it looked rather drab. It has switched from the grey box loitering in the top left of the web browser to a black, full-width banner across the top of the site. 

For those that changed how it looked with custom CSS, this is both a bit of a blessing and a bummer. This is because their beautifully crafted banners have now been undone. If you want to have the Cookie Banner style changed - here is the custom CSS that makes the banner go to the bottom of the site and changes the button colouring to play around with: 

.cookie-notice {

justify-content: center !important;
    align-items: center !important;
    position: fixed !important;
    top: auto !important;

#sqsp-cookie-banner-accept {

background: white;
border: 2px solid rgba(255,255,255,0);
color: #111;


Facebook Sharing 

From the 1st August 2018, Facebook has stopped third-party tools and applications pushing content onto someone's personal Facebook profile on their behalf. What does this mean for those using the push option on their blogs or products? Now you can only push content to a Facebook page. 

Due to this change, you will see that there are some differences in the backend of Squarespace where that option used to be - i.e. the push option for Facebook has now gone. 

For most people, I imagine this shouldn't be too much of an issue as this was one area of Squarespace that I would advise clients from using as when the post was shared out, there wasn't a chance to edit the caption or add an image. If you did love this function, then all you do is make sure that the Facebook page you want to share to is selected as the Push Target in the Connect Account settings. 

 squarespace facebook push

Shipping Locations 

Delightfully for Squarespace ecommerce users, they have increased the number of locations available for shipping. For those in America or Canada, it allows you to choose the specific state or province and to add fees restricted to those areas. Customers only see this new function when they get to the check out, it is probably best to let people know in the description to avoid any abandonment carts. The bummer is that this is only for the United States and Canada. Fingers crossed though that they roll this out elsewhere.

Now in Italiano! 

I love this news as it means that others around the world are getting a better experience using Squarespace to either begin their passion project or grow their business. To change to Italian you go: 

  1. Account Dashboard 
  2. Hover over the intials in your profile picture (top-right corner)
  3. Select Language
  4. Choose the language you want - there are currently six options, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
  5. Done! 

If you change your language, don't worry this doesn't change the language that visitors see on the website and each contributor can choose a different language on the same website. At the moment, this functionality is only available on the Brine Family templates (in the search bar, type Brine Family)

Mary Philip