How to make logo bigger on Squarespace


Depending on what your logo looks like, the default range of logo image sizes in the style editor may not be enough for your branding. Here is how to change it. 

1. Custom CSS

Go to the Design section of your website, then Custom CSS and copy in the below: 

 .site-title img {
   max-height: 100px;
   max-width: 400px;

Then just change the pixel height and width for your logo. 

2. Style Editor Editing 

Go to Design and then Style Editor. Click on your logo to go to that section of the design changes. Tap on the logo pixel size number and type in the new size. For instance, click on where it says 100px in the image below, delete the current numbers and add in your near logo width. Click save, and you are good to go! 

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 13.38.14.png
How To, Custom CSSMary Philip