Why Am I More Expensive Than Some Other Squarespace Designers?

When running a business, all of the costs can add up. So how can you justify spending £3000 on a website?

Why do I charge 3K?

I can’t deny that I charge more than some other Squarespace designers when it comes to designing and building your site. The truth of the matter is, if you don’t want to spend £3k+ on a website, you don’t have to. There are other companies that will be happy charging around £300 for a cheap website.

So why would anyone pay more?

It’s a fair question that I will answer here. The plus of my work is that I speak to many businesses and often I hear that they had something created by a decent designer but that they were trying to save money and cut costs. Then later down the line they found out that their site wasn’t bringing in visitors, sales or enquiries. Now for everyone, this isn’t the aim of a site. For some it is as a “referral checker”. And there is no shame in that if that is what you are looking for in a site.

However, when you are looking for a site that can convert and can grow alongside your business, people start to run into some trouble here.

Clients have come to me because the site that they had set up wasn’t bringing in any enquiries and then after working with myself they have had to close their books because they have had so many enquiries come through.

At the crux of it all, websites are not all built the same and the difference between a good and bad website is whether you end up losing money from it rather than making more.

What are the tangible differences between a good and bad website then?

A good website will have:

  • loads quickly

  • allows the user to quickly identify the services and navigate the site

  • designed for mobiles too

  • optimised for SEO - not just on page but sitemaps are indexed and search engines are asked to crawl

  • has a clear conversion strategy for the visitor

  • is secure & GDPR compliant

  • is customised to the business’ brand

A bad website, in contrast, will:

  • take forever to load

  • disallow the visitor from understanding what the business offers in 3-5 seconds of landing on the site

  • look poor on mobile

  • lack an SEO strategy

  • leave the visitor wondering what the dickens they are supposed to do on the site to convert

  • is insecure and absent of GDPR information

  • look like a templated website

If you can get all of the above with a cheap website, then you are onto a winner. However, this isn’t always the case and you can find yourself having to spend more money in the long run than you initially thought to make up the damage.

Why do I charge more than other Squarespace designers?

Six reasons:

  1. Over the years, I have honed and fine-tuned my process which allows me to build you a website that is successful in an efficient manner.

  2. I truly take the time to understand your business, the problems you are currently having online and present solutions as well as an effective design. Understanding your business allows me to come up with an effective SEO strategy to get in front of your target audience.

  3. In Scotland, I am the only Squarespace Authorised Trainer and am one of the few Squarespace Experts in the UK. I’ve spent most of my career on Squarespace and truly know it from back to front. Also, as a Circle Member, I offer longer trials (6 months) so the build isn’t under the same pressure to come to completion as Squarespace designers without this membership. You also get a 20% discount off Squarespace hosting through my Authorised Trainer status.

  4. Every website I build is tailored and customised for the business. Squarespace’s templates are more used as frameworks to achieve your site. I then use these frameworks with custom code to change the style and increase the functionality of your site, whilst you still get the benefit of the clear and intuitive interface to edit/manage your site.

  5. Two words: conversion strategy. Cheap websites are often just built to fit the site map that the client gives. My sites are created with a conversion strategy in mind to fit the business’ goals. Whether that be sales, newsletter sign ups, contact enquiries etc.

  6. I am a big believer in truly supporting clients through the process and giving them the necessary training to be able to manage their site afterwards. This is crucial if a website is to be successful as a site needs constantly maintaining and updating to keep results generating.

Get everything you need

Unlike other designers, I don’t offer various packages. This was something that I used to do, but what I found is that businesses would simply want a great website that performed. Now, I offer a base package that covers everything that a business needs for a successful website to make the decision making process easier.


Hopefully after reading this blog you’ll be able to understand why I charge more than some other Squarespace designers. It is all about creating the site that allows your business to thrive online. The process takes time and expertise, which is why I am a bit more expensive than others out there. But at the end, of the day it’s worth it. Check out my portfolio to see what my clients have said.

Any questions, please leave a comment :)