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Atropos Press is a philosophy publishing house based in Dresden, Germany and New York, USA. My task was to redesign the website to make it more modern, for it to be easier for visitors to buy the books off of Amazon and for it to be mobile friendly. It was fantastic to work with a publishing house like Atropos Press. 

"When I contacted Mary with an urgent request to not only build a new website, but recover the old one that had been lost in the ether of the internet, she responded with urgent professionalism - Atropos Press relies greatly on its website and she took our plea into empathetic consideration. She made us her priority and within a few days Atropos Press was live again with all of the information we had lost, but in a much improved and more pleasant format. The phenomenal feedback we have received from authors and customers alike is testament to Mary's skill, passion and efficiency. I will continue to work with Mary in complete confidence in her abilities, and would highly recommend her to anyone."

- Wolfgang Schirmacher, CEO, Atropos Press


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