Jeffreys Interiors 

website design | SQUARESPACE | 2016


Jeffreys Interiors understood that the trend towards mobile wasn't just a fad and they needed to get ahead of their competitors. It was crucial in the design process that the site looked professional and high-quality on a mobile and to navigate around the site was simple. The same as any business, Jeffreys Interiors were worried that they were losing enquiries to the site because it was not mobile optimised and it wasn't easy to contact the team. Now, it is easier to contact Jeffreys Interiors and they have seen a dramatic increase in enquiries since the website went live. Working with Zac and Zac photography, Jeffreys Interiors had a wealth of fantastic imagery taken of the projects they had completed but their old site didn't showcase them to the full effect - due to the design trend at the time. Now, the site highlights their best projects with the high-quality photos they have. 


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