I work to create better solutions for businesses online by working with you to achieve goals.


How I Work

Over the years I have developed four fundamental pillars to how I work and the service people can expect from myself.


High quality design


Empower businesses


Customer support


Forward Thinking


High Quality Design

Clean, clear and on brand to your business

Websites made by myself are designed to look clean and professional. Each design is done to suit that business and their branding so that their website doesn’t look like it’s out of the box. Together, we will work together through feedback forms and conversations to fine tune the design so that your business has a superior site to your competitors.


Empower Businesses

With the emergence of platforms of Squarespace, it’s easier than ever to manage a website in house and save costs.

Nowadays it is a lot easier to have the tools needed to build and manage a website in house, if they need to keep costs low. Also, with Squarespace, there is oodles of room for a website to grow and adapt to customers, just as a business does. I understand that businesses also want to know that they have full control over their site legally too. That’s why site’s ownership is transferred over to the client at the end of the build.


Customer Support

It is key that customers of MP know that they are supported

My style of customer service is both compassionate and efficient. I understand that it is crucial that any changes to a site or queries are answered quickly, enabling my customers to get back to what they do best. Whether it is answering an email, filming a screen video explaining how to achieve a feature on your site, or monthly support to keep your website on track with marketing efforts.


Forward Thinking

It is important to stay ahead of the curve and to clearly communicates who you are & what you do

Times have been a’changing for a while now, with many people choosing to launch different kinds of businesses over entering full-time work or other traditional models of employment. This new reality means that, more than ever, a strong online brand identity is key to the success of a business – whatever its focus or scale.

As technology rapidly develops, we need to keep ahead of the curve, remain visible and ensure connections to our existing customers are nurtured while simultaneously attracting new clients.


What You Can Expect

My project management style is personable, efficient, and considerate to you and your business’ needs. You’ll receive professional support and a non-judgemental zone for wherever your own tech skills are at.


My Story

My journey into website design began to help put a stop to people being bamboozled and left in the dark.

The beginning of my professional life began in a Digital Marketing startup in Edinburgh, Scotland. Whilst working there, how the marketing integrated with a customer’s website drew my attention more and more. Especially because we would hear horror stories of how some website design agencies or freelancers treated clients. They weren’t taught how to manage the site, and the agencies would took ages to reply to enquiries. In 2015, I went freelance and began my own website design businesses that was set out to remedy this. I’m proud to say that a high percentage of my business comes from referrals as I have continuously deliver a high-quality service and product. Since then, I have created more than 40 websites for businesses of varying sizes and industries.

Squarespace has played a big part in allowing me to achieve this and continues to do so. It is a powerful platform to create websites and integrate with a company’s marketing, whilst still being intuitive and easy to manage in house by businesses.